Building together

In less than 5 days, under pouring rain, unmerciful sun and surrounded by excited mosquitoes, Josh, Carl, Miles, Mikhail, Bogdan, Alexei, Nikolai and a few more helpers put the beginning to an extension to our Kostroma Dacha.










































Our awesome team was Americans and Russians between fourteen and seventy years old, and we all think it was a miracle how much we accomplished in such a short time.  The next step will be putting a roof, windows, doors, and the siding. All this needs to be accomplished before this fall. Our Dacha participants are enthused and eager to keep working on the house but we'll have to hire professionals for some of the work. After this part of the project is over, we'll need help with the interior work, and we can use all the help we can get! Once the construction is completed the Dacha will house more older orphans, will be functional during the winter and will be a great place for retreats and on-going programs. Come build the Dacha together with the orphans!