Kostroma Dacha Update

After the US team left, we hired a professional Russian team to build the roof for the Dacha. The new roof is over both parts of the Dacha, old and new, and has created enough room for a couple more bedroom and a common area upstairs. You can see how our Dacha has grown:



Before ...                                                                                                          Now....

Bodgan, Alexei and Kolya have been working hard helping the building teams, working independently on their own projects in the house (cleaning rubbish, treating the wood) and building the Banya.



Bogdan...                                                                                                              Alexei and Kolya

Here's what our Banya currently looks like:



In the beginning...                                                                                            Now...

There still a lot of work to be done: windows, doors, siding and lots of interior work. Please join our young people to complete this project!