Real Russian pancakes

This has been a great week for HZUM team and Ivanovo grads: meaningful visits, fun and informative activites, relational time with the youth, staff and interpreters and quick immersion into Russian culture, including through home-made Russian food. Don, Tatiana and Antonina cooked borsch, stew, pancakes, manty (large meat raviolis) and cabbage pies. If you'd like to have a little taste of Russia, here's a recepie for pancakes:





You'll need: 1/2 litre of milk from a Russian cow, 50 gr of butter made of milk from  a Russian cow, 50 gr of sour cream made of milk from a Russian cow, 3 eggs from a  real Russian chicken, 280 gr of flour (Russian?), 1 or 2 (depends on how sweet your tooth is) tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 3 tablespoons of oil.

Here's what you need to do: mix the eggs, salt and sugar in a bowl. Then stir in the milk and flour. Your dough should be thin and smooth (no chunks are allowed).  Feel free to use a mixer for this purpose. Add the oil into the mix and leave for 15 minutes. Take a pan, heat it up and add a little oil. Pour 1/2 to 1 full ladel of dough in the center of the pan and spread it quickly across the surface. Once the pancake is brown on one side pick it up with a spatula and flip it over to brown the other side.  Enjoy your pancakes with butter or sourcream. They're also great with honey or jam.




And there was the time for gifts.. of course. Friendships that grew during this week through serving the ones He loves was the best gift of all.