Volunteer project in Ivanovo

The young people from Ivanovo led a program in one of the local orphanages of crafts and games. A young mother herself, Marina enjoyed her time with the kids: "I like to go back to the orphanage I grew up. I know first hand how important it is to have visitors who show you love and I could tell that the kids miss their American friends. They liked the activities that the Americans used to organize there and they were glad that we engaged them in similar activities". Back at the orphanage Ruslan liked to make decorations. «I like to make beautiful thing. I would like to see the orphanage nicely decorated for Christmas."

Ira started coming to the Ministry Center in September. "I enjoyed working with the kids in the orphanage. It was great to see them working hard and making very nice things for the holidays. They painted toy cars, made toys from dough and made lots of decorations."