Christmas volunteer projects completed

Volunteer projects in Vladimir completed the Christmas celebration. Altogether eighteen participants of Orphan's Tree programs in three regions responded to our invitation to give their time and skills to help other needy people. They touched lives and hearts of over two hundred children and adults in orphanages (including for kids with special needs) and at a local hospital.  

Isn't it great that the young men who repaired the doors at the local hospital in Vladimir were able to use the skills they learned at their construction schools?  I'm sure it helped them do a really good job!  Their visit to the hospital happened at the time of its dedication by the local priest.  Alex and Maxim watched the ceremony and talked to the believers among the hospital staff. "We'll be happy to help again", they told our Russian staff.

Our intern Vera and five other young women from the Vladimir Ministry Center raised funds among other VMC participants to buy diapers and spent a day at the local baby home playing with the kids. Vera says: "We pulled sleds with the kids, played snowballs and hide and seek. We had never heard the kids laugh so heartily and merrily. We loved being with the kids and we'll certainly do it again!".

I feel so proud of these wonderful young people who're responding to the needs in their local communities and I thank all of you who set an example of sacrifice,  inspired and encouraged them in serving others.