Russian salad

What we know here in America as Russian Salad is actually called Olivier (like as in Laurence Olivier) in Russia, after the French chef who created it while living in St. Petersburg during the winter when it was hard to find fresh vegetables. It's not so hard to cook: just boil some potatoes (3 - 4), carrots (3 -4) and eggs (4) (but definitely not 3). Cut them in small cubes, as well as a green apple and 5 medium-sized pickles. Add green peas (1 can), and some mayonnaise. I also usually add some minced green onions,  fresh parsley and cilantro. No Russian party goes without Olivier and loyal to this tradition, Masha and Tolik cooked that famous meal for the Christmas celebration in Vladimir.  


An amazing number of young people - 122 - came to celebrate Christmas at the Vladimir Ministry Center on December 27. As the Russian saying goes, there was no room for an apple to fall down. Imagine also playing games, dancing and fun talent contests.














Gifts from Orphan's Tree were very appreciated by the guys and girls. Most of the older orphans live in technical school dorms and make their own meals, so nice frying pans and towels will be put to a good use.

And I hope you'll put my Olivier recipe to good use, too!

Happy New Year to you and your families!

S Novym Godom!