English classes in Ministry Center

Since last October several young people at our Vladimir, Ivanovo and Kostroma Ministry Centers have been taking English classes.  When I asked them about their motivation, the first one was "to be able to speak with my American friends".  Natasha L from Kostroma says: "I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn English at the Ministry Center. The English lessons unify us in a special way and give us a chance to develop our abilities. Now, in my fourth month of learning, I know enough English to be able to understand some of the things that my American friends tell me. Besides, I can talk to them on my own using some of the words and phrases that I’ve learned so far. Learning English at the MC is not very stressful and I love the fact that we get to learn a little about American culture, traditions and what not. It’s fascinating. The English language itself is not similar to the Russian language and I enjoy learning about its peculiarities. Once again, I want to thank everyone involved for giving us the opportunity to learn and grow!" So, next time you visit the Ministry Centers, try to speak English to Masha, Natasha, Vitalik and others!