Now Kostroma kids have a Dacha too

A few days ago we bought a second Dacha, this time - right near Kostroma! (Doesn't this picture make you happy it's summer now :))   Even before the deal was closed the kids already were planting potatoes and cleaning the property. They're so excited and anxious to spend the summer there. They will be growing vegetables and fruit for themselves, helping with home improvement projects, spending time in meaningful fellowship and having fun. Those of you who have been to the Kostroma Ministry Center certainly know Mikhail who overseas our Leadership program there. He now directs the Dacha program too. I hope you recognize him in this picture. Yes, that's him! In his late 60s he's full of energy and strength to dig the hard Russian soil. And he looks at least 10 years younger. When I asked him what his secret was he said it was labor and the fresh air. Well, come to our Dacha with us and get some of that magical treatment for yourself!