In simple words

Sometimes simple words say it best. Our Moscow manager Elena was telling me about her recent meeting with our Moscow students and how Katya, who studies at the Institute of Polygraphy, said this to her: "I'm so glad every time you call me. See, my life is just between school and dormitory and I so often feel lonely. But when you call and invite me to your meetings, this cheers me up." Well, these words just cheered me up, and I hope you, also. When reporting on our programs we often ask for feedback from the orphans themselves, but this formal context often results in dry, formal responses, when the truth is that on their own these young people are anxious to express how thankful they are, and with great enthusiasm!

Katya and eight more older orphans, former participants of our ministry programs were students of Moscow's colleges and universities last year, which is a great achievement for orphans in itself. The ministry's efforts inspire them to aim high and equip them to achieve their goals and we see an increasing number of motivated and successful young people among our participants. Two Moscow students (Natasha and Sveta) have just graduated from their University with honors as social workers and we're simply excited to see where God's path is taking them.