Innovative program in full swing

Eight older orphans are in the middle of their internship at the Youth Centers in Vladimir, Kostroma and Ivanovo. There is no official data regarding unemployment among orphans but we know that there are many factors that make finding a stable job a real challenge. Orphan’s Tree internship offers a unique opportunity to learn all the necessary employment skills in a friendly, encouraging environment and a great way to start their resumes. The project began in late August with advertising the positions and the candidates submitting their resumes and being interviewed for a job. Some had to do it a few times to learn the proper way. Part of preparing for the job interview meant thinking through one’s strengths and weaknesses and gaining confidence in their areas of competence. The next step was signing contracts and job orientation, just like in real life.  Eight young people were accepted: Sergei R. (Custodian) and Sasha K. (Coach Assistant) - in Ivanovo; Katya D. (Speech Therapist), Adelina K. (Activities Organizer Assistant) and Dennis Ch. (Custodian) – in Vladimir; Katya K. (Social Worker Assistant), Nadya O. (Program Coordinator Assistant) and Alexei N. (Activities Organizer Assistant) – in Kostroma. The supervising staff share with us that “these positions match the young people’s talents and education. The interns are doing their best and are a great model for the others.” The internship will last through June and we plan to continue it next year as well.