A monument to kindness in Moscow

On February 17 a monument to kindness was unveiled on St. Andrew's bridge in Moscow. Russian charitable organizations suggested to celebrate that day as "the day of spontaneous kindness". Such a monument won't be unique for Russia: monuments to kindness have been erected in other countries too, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, China, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine. The monument, a large dandelion with human hands as petals, is "a symbol of kindness. The wind will spread the seeds of the flower all over the world and kindness will grow – from Moscow, from Russia with love!”- explains the sculptor Grygory Pototsky. After being unveiled, the monument was taken away t0 a storage where it will wait until all permissions for its installation are in place. I hope it won't take long and you'll see it next time you're in Moscow. St. Andrew's bridge is near St. Andrew's Monastery and Gorky park. (Source - Russian media)