Why Have a Board of Directors?

Two weeks ago the board of Orphan’s Tree met for our semi-annual board meeting. As we prepared for the meeting, I was thinking of reasons non-profits have a board:

  1. The law requires it!
  2. Preparing reports and having financial reports in order are items that I easily procrastinate. Having a board forces me to complete those responsibilities. I think that’s called accountability!
  3. Most importantly, a good board brings insight and wisdom from their life experiences that builds a better organization. Not being involved in the daily grind, they often see things that those of us working fulltime easily overlook.

I’m grateful to have outstanding board members serving Orphan’s Tree. These men and women have a deep commitment to the older, at-risk orphans we serve in Russia. Each member has stories about orphans who they remember and love from their trips to Russia.Twice a year we gather to not only review activities from the past year, but also to look forward to plans for the future. I’m grateful for their diversity, expertise and collective wisdom. We also enjoy each other’s company and create plenty of space for fellowship.

Thank you Sue Awes, Tom Bennett, Dan Duffy, Dave Fish, Andrew Jett, Josh Peterson, Allen Schwab, John Smith and Jeff Stoddard for being a blessing to me – but more importantly your contributions to orphans in Russia are immeasurable!