What a joy!

What a joy to see our young people succeed! Among those who participate in Orphan’s Tree education program are six students of Moscow colleges and universities. This is a remarkable achievement for them and a result of hard work. Natasha and Sveta are students of Moscow University of Psychology and Pedagogy and were recently invited to participate and speak at a round table discussion organized by the Department of Social Protection and other government authorities. The meeting was largely devoted to challenges orphans face after they age out of their institutions. Natasha spoke about housing challenges for orphans. The meeting resulted in a decision to create a Committee formed of government officials and orphanage graduates to address orphan issues. Natasha and Sveta were invited to join. With the girls on the Committee we now expect the orphans of Russia to quickly run out of problems! :)  But seriously, we’re certain that God has a plan for our young people to become the leaders of tomorrow and we’re excited about it.  To my question what she’s doing now, Natasha said: “Right now at school I’m engaged in practical work that helps me learn about the profession of a case worker. I’m working with children, we create questionnaires and curriculum and I’m preparing a lesson on consequences of smoking. I find working with children very exciting”.