The first round of Job Skills training has been completed – with success!

Last September OT launched an exciting Job Preparation training in Ivanovo.  Forty older orphans with special needs participated in class work, role games and visited local enterprises for the purpose of learning skills to get a stable job. OT staff in Russia organized the training both at the Ivanovo Ministry Center and in the Technical Schools where older orphans study. The participants studied topics such as writing a resume, being interviewed for a job, Russian Labor law, communication skills at workplace, work ethics and much more. At the end of the training they gave their feedback which showed what they learned and how it would help them in their job search.  Hear what some of them are saying: “The training encouraged me to start buying local newspapers with job ads”, “I will try to use all I learned here at my future work place’, “this training helps me avoid mistakes at work”, “it was hard for me to write a resume but this training helped me learn to do it”. Some participants are already planning to get a job in the summer.  It’s exciting that not only this helped equip orphans with practical skills but also encouraged positive changes in their lifestyle: the counselors noticed improved attitude, better self-esteem, confidence that they’ find a job and less deviant behavior during the months of training. The training helped many young people to decide what they wanted to do professionally, and this is not a small thing for orphans with special needs.   OT Russian staff who conducted this training – the regional manager Elena B., the counselor Irina S. and the trainer Nadezhda P – are proud of the progress that they observed.  Elena B says: “Their initial attitude “Why should I participate, I already know everything about it” quickly changed to heated discussions, challenging questions, active participating in exercises and role plays. I think this project was extremely timely, especially during these days of economic recession when orphans face real challenges. I look forward to continue this project with another group this semester”. In spring both groups will participate in a competitive career oriented game “Landmarks in the world of professions”. We’ll wait to see who wins and look forward to hearing stories how these skills helped the orphans in real life setting.