"It's important to me..."

In just a few weeks Orphan’s Tree will have ministered to Orphans in Russia for a full five years. So many great stories to tell! So many changed lives, small and big successes. The little kids who we knew when they were in orphanages are becoming responsible parents, compassionate neighbors, hopeful young people and good role models to the younger generation of orphans. I’m sure every one of you knows many kids in Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma or Moscow that you’re proud of. And every day we’re blessed with more good news about our “kids”. The other day I found out that Zhenya K is now working as the Assistant to the Director of an orphanage in Moscow region. What a great opportunity to help other orphans! Recently Sveta B was in the US on a professional development trip. What a great achievement! Just last month Masha P was able to help two vision impaired kids from Lukhtonovo get to the right doctors and get glasses. What a caring heart!

They and many others are thankful to this ministry and that really means that they’re thankful to you for all the opportunities that you opened up for them. So, please read and rejoice to hear some of their voices that say it best:

“Dear friends! Thank you very much for your support. Without your help I’d most certainly remain lamed for the rest of my life. May God bless you and your families. May God keep you healthy so you continue your good work. Thank you for this program. It provides not only financial support and helps us to feed our children, but most importantly, the people who care for us through this program heal our souls and teach us to love”, Olesya

“Seriously, there is nothing to do at the dorm! But at the Dacha there are many things to do all the time and I always feel that I’m needed” Ira K

“I’m 18 years old. I live with my brother and when he drinks I have to stay at the mill where I work from time to time. I like going to the Dacha where I like to cook, repair bicycles, swim in the pond, feed the rabbits, play with our dog James Bond. Andrei gave me a bike and now I can ride it to the Dacha. For me the Dacha is the place where I have friends”, Slava

“Dear friends, Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Now I have a job at a hotel. They provide a room for me to live. They also have a sauna and a pool, so I have a place to have a shower and do my laundry. I also use the hotel computer to stay in touch with friends. I pray for you every day and look forward to your future visits”, Alexei

“It’s important for me to know that my American friends remember and love me. I really mean it. I want them to pray for us and we’ll pray for their health and for the opportunity for them to come to Russia again”, Ruslan

Thanks for your continuing support as we approach the 5 year mark, and begin the next five!

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