Hear what they say...

Recently a team from Pennsylvania visited the Ivanovo Ministry Center and here's some feedback from the kids: "This is my first year at the Ministry Center. I try to come here every day. This November was a special time for me: I met Americans for the first time. Every day they led fun and useful activities for us. I really appreciated our visit to a summer house. I'd like to learn how to make thing with my hands. I'm greatly thankful to my new friends for spending a whole with us." (Slava)

"This is my second year in the Young Family Program. This is a great program where I always find real help, advice, and encouragement. This time I enjoyed the activities that the team provided for our kids. During that week I also made a stuffed teddy bear for my daughter. The whole week was great" (Katya)




"I like to sing but I don't play musical instruments. I enjoyed the concert performed by Lise and Sarah very much. They have beautiful voices" (Lena)











"I regularly come to the Ivanovo MC gym to work out. We have a very good coach. Valery helps us be strong and determined and always comes up with interesting ideas. Some of his students dare lie on the nails with their naked backs which impressed me greatly. Their example makes me want to continue my training" (Kolya)