Dacha project has been launched

Great news to share! OT has purchased a country house with a 19000 square feet lot behind it to serve a place of ministry to older orphans. This project will meet many needs and fulfill many goals. It will be a place to learn farming skills and grow food for themselves. It also will be a place of excellent vacation with picking berries and mushrooms in the woods - have you ever tried that? If not, well... here's your chance :)  Andrei will minister to the kids as he teaches them farming and fixing the house, leads them on camping trips and counsels them. His wife, Lena is a teacher and she'll help to engage orphans in fun and meaningful activities.  And what's even better? The kids will grow fruits, vegetables for themselves to use.  Andrei, our Project Leader, will lead Christian based outreach to the Dacha Project participants. He also will start a small animal farm with chicken and rabbits, and the orphans will help taking care of the animals. Such activity is known to have therapeutic effect and will help the orphans restore attachment and develop feelings of care, compassion and responsibility. The participants will be engaged in fun but meaningful activities that will help develop integrity and healthy life style including camping trips, discussions and working together. Andrei and his wife will also provide a positive model of a Christian family.