A visit to ExxonMobil Russia

Forty five kids from Vladimir recently visited Moscow on the invitation from ExxonMobil Russia Inc. The trip included the tour of the city, an excursion to the Kremlin Armory, a visit to the corporate office and dinner at McDonald's.  ExxonMobil Russia Inc has been supporting educational and medical programs of Nadezdha Fund, our Russian partner in ministry, and developed good friendship with the graduates over the years. Our kids enjoyed a very hearty welcome, presentations about the company and fellowship with the company employees. They exchanged gifts and one of the gifts presented to the company was a painting made by Masha P showing the Golden Gates of Vladimir. In her letter to me Masha was very excited that her painting was chosen as a special gift. For many kids this was their first trip to Moscow.  That day was very cold and rainy and after walking the streets being inside a museum felt especially good. They loved the Armory collection  that tells a very  evocative story of Russian history: royal chariots, thrones, dresses, precious icons and Faberge Easter eggs. If you haven't seen the museum, put it on your list when you go to Moscow next time.